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Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Viale d'accesso


“…In a village like this one, it is enough to stop on the road and look at a farmhouse, inundated by maize and hemp, and right away a story is born.” (Giovannino Guareschi)

Around us

Le Colombaie is surrounded by the peace of the generous lands of Bassa (“the Plain”), which inspired the composer Giuseppe Verdi and have been described by the writer Giovannino Guareschi in his novel “The Little World of Don Camillo”: mysterious and soft-lighted in the winter fogs, filled with sunlight in the summer, immutable only in appearance.  


Each village around us holds traces of the past: churches, fortresses, castles; and it is enough to go a few kilometres away to reach fascinating cities, rich in art and history.


Here are some routes to follow.

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Giuseppe Verdi

Busto di Giuseppe Verdi

For opera and classical music lovers

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Piacenza

For art and culture lovers

From our Bed & Breakfast, it is easy to reach:

  • The “Little World” of Giovannino Guareschi: Roncole, Brescello, Diolo, Fontanelle and all the towns in Bassa that preserve testimonies of the author’s life and famous characters, Don Camillo and Peppone.

  • Fortresses, ancient villages and castles: Meli Lupi fortress in Soragna (13 km), the castles of Fontanellato (20 km) and Roccabianca (20 km), Scipione (22 km) and Vigoleno (25 km).

  • Parma, City of Culture 2020, with its Duomo (containing frescoes by Correggio) and Baptistery, Palazzo della Pilotta (including Teatro Farnese, the National Gallery, the Palatine Library and the Archaeological Museum).

  • Beside its Violin Museum, Cremona is famous for its medieval cathedral and Torrazzo, the highest brick bell tower in Europe. 

  • Piacenza welcomes visitors with Piazza Cavalli and its ancient palaces and artworks kept in the museums of Palazzo Farnese and the Ricci Oddi Gallery of modern art. 

Piazza Cavalli - Piacenza

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Salumi piacentini

Salumi Piacentini

For food enthusiasts

Between Bassa and the Apennine mountains, along the Food Valley, it is possible to visit 8 Food Museums and taste unique specialities: Anolini, Tortelli d’erbetta, Tortelli di zucca, Tortelli di patate, Culatello, Spalla cotta, Cicciolata, Torta fritta and many more.

  • Parma is included in the Unesco Creative Cities Network for its gastronomy, and home of Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • Piacenza is renowned for its cold cuts (coppa, pancetta, salame) and the great wines from the hills around it.

  • Every year, Cremona hosts a food festival dedicated to the most famous local sweet speciality: Torrone.

  • Sissa, Polesine, Zibello and Roccabianca host November Porc: an annual food festival dedicated to “His Majesty the Pork”.

Where to eat

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Fiume Po

For those who love the countryside

and the outdoors

  • A bicycle path that reaches the river Po and the town of Colorno passes near Le Colombaie.
    And if you don’t have a bike with you, is not a big deal: the tourist office of Busseto has a bike rental service.

  • Horseback riding tours, visits to Casa Bianca (the farm that comprises the agritourism) and cruises on the river Po including lunch on board are also available on appointment. 

Po river
Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Terme di Salsomaggiore

For wellness lovers

  • The  Thermal bath of Salsomaggiore with their waters known since the 1800’s for their medicinal properties, the thermal swimming pools and the spa centers, are 25 km away from our Bed & Breakfast.

  • The Berzieri thermal centre, a masterpiece of European Art Nouveau architecture, is not to be missed.

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Viaggi di lavoro

For those who travel for work

  • Le Colombaie is easy to reach from the A1 motorway (Exit Fiorenzuola d’Arda); it is an excellent accommodation for managers, sales agents and anyone who is traveling for business.

  • We have discounted rates for our guests who book a room for weekdays, and we set special agreements with companies.

Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Shopping

For shopping lovers

  • Fidenza Village, one of the largest outlet shopping centres in Europe, is 11 km away from Le Colombaie.

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