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Le Colombaie | Bed & Breakfast | Immagine del salone illuminato

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams…” (John Keats)

The house

On the outskirts of the town of Busseto, at the end of a tree-lined road, there is an elegant, finely

restored country house. Its name “Le Colombaie” (The Dovecotes) comes from a small tower, no longer visible, which was once used to shelter doves.


Le Colombaie is a part of the farm “Casa Bianca”, the existence of which has been recorded since the 1600s, and which has belonged to the same family for 5 generations. Casa Bianca is internationally renowned for the genetic breeding of Italian Friesian cattle: dairy cows whose milk is perfect for the production of Grana Padano. The farm and the house are two sides of the same entity, made of appreciation for long-lasting things and love for hospitality.


The common spaces are furnished with period furniture selected by the owners, who are lovers of antique and brocantage fans. They include:

  • The dining room, where the guests can enjoy their breakfast. It was obtained from the old barn, with its characteristic half-moon shaped and round windows overlooking the entrance.

  • The lounge hall on the first floor, complete with a fireplace, suitable for meetings and events.

  • The garden, where the guests can have breakfast in fine weather, or sit on comfortable deck chairs to enjoy the sun or the fresh air.

  • The yard can be used as a parking lot for cars. Covered spots for motorbikes and bicycles are available on request.

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